The Thing About EyebrowZ

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Lets talk about eyebrows shall we. It seems to be an important beauty trend these days. I look all over the net especially Instagram and all I see are pictures of women with they’re eyes war painted and eyebrows that strike no form of reality! And as a Pro Makeup Artist with 25+years of work with clients; I can’t figure out where these women are going with these heavily painted eyebrows?!?!

Now clearly I love makeup and have been doing for many years but some of the stuff I’m seeing really scares me! And a lot of these women I imagine in person are hard to look at. There once was a time when a woman looked a certain way that illicited a certain negative response from both men and women but, in this generation that look is becoming coveted and even applauded!!!





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