e.l.f Cosmetics Review

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Has anyone tried e.l.f Cosmetics? You find them frequently at Target, Harmon Beauty, Salley Beauty, and now they have their own store downtown Manhattan!!

When I look for products I don’t just look at their packaging but how I can best use it and sometimes price point.

Well, these are some of my faves from e.l.f Cosmetics (EYES ,LIPS, FACE) and you will see these items in my Pro Makeup Kit.

Top: Moisturizing Cleanser Wipes $3.00

Bottom Left: Body Shimmer Stick $3.00

Bottom Right: Brush Cleaner Shampoo $3.00

Why do I LOVE these products?
1) the Moisturizing Wipes are the gentlest I’ve found for makeup removal and dare I say the quickest breakdown and conditioning of skin.

2) the Body Shimmer Stick reminds me a lot of Michael Kors body stick without his signature scent. The stick is compact and light with blend able coverage.

3) the Brush Cleaning Shampoo is some of the quickest and effective brush cleaner I’ve used yet (and believe I’ve used many). It’s rich and concentrated so expect it to last a long while, instantly breaks down any residual makeup left in the brush, it’s got a neutral scent and leaves the brushes squeaky clean and shiny.

20140402-002605.jpgOk, here’s another fave of mine from e.l.f Cosmetics are the Shimmer Sheets! Just rub it on and throw away the sheet when you’re done! No messy applications or glitter all over the place…and I think they’re maybe like $2!

Nuff said…
Curl On, Paint On viZionaire!
Memoirs from the VIP Makeup Kit


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