MAC Cosmetics Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc20140401-232851.jpg

Well, my history with MAC Cosmetics is a long one and definitely one to talk about in having longstanding relationships with your clients.

For those who may not be familiar with my work or new to my artistry. I’ve worked with both Mary J Blige and Lil’ Kim for 13years that had come to an amicable close a bit after the promotion of the VIVA GLAM ads done in early 2000 (no shade, all love and growth). This shoot was done by Photographer and friend David LaChapplelle.

This shoot was the catalyst in my 14 year relationship with MAC. I also worked with MAC while I was working on the Broadway play “WICKED”. Yes, Elphaba is a MAC girl, Lololol! Although I must say her foundation is a bit green! Lololol!

20140402-140401.jpgI’ve used MAC on many of the projects I’ve done makeup for and am always excited to try any new offerings they may have in makeup. Now, clearly I use many other brands but, MAC is always putting something new out faster than you can blink and, it can be difficult to keep up with for reviews. But I’d like to share with you some of my latest finds and uses in MAC products.


•Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion & Moisture Creme

Honestly, I’ve never quite really used any of MAC’s Skincare Products (Im a La Mer, Mario Badescu, Shiesedo and Bliss girl) BUT, I have to say I’m LOVING this collection!!

Both the Softening Lotion and the Moisturizing Creme are AWESOME! The Softening Lotion is like a liquid pore refiner and feels like water but leaves the skin feeling clean and taught. The way I used it was with a cotton bud but you can always spray it on (as a finisher) or splash it on with your hands (of course on a clean face).

The Moisture Creme is really invisibly light but has deep penetrating yet light moisture (not oily at all, more like aqua moisture).

It feels like water but yet it’s a creme…I know it’s an oxymoron but its hard to describe how it feels. My skin just drunk it all in and looks like new. My makeup today actually does look different and set really well.

And using it on clients who seem to have large pores it seemed like it just refines the skin and leaves the skin clear smooth and flat on the surface. Which for me is a great starting canvas for makeup.

Ok friends,I really like this one. It’s definitely a keeper for my kit! Moving on to the next item.

•MAC Cosmetics | Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact

1) Illuminate
2) Neutralize
3) Adjust
4) Recharge

These pressed powders are very similar in texture to Studio Fix yet my only complaint is they are a bit chalky in color. The powder is very finely milled which makes it great to put on top of finished makeup making it good for blending.

I find that I use Illuminate, Neutralize and Recharge for concealer powdering under the eyes and for spot highlighting. Adjust I’ve actually used as a blush on lighter complected clients. On darker clients I use it as a “middle” color to blend light concealer powder and blush.

The matching Prep + Prime CC Color Correcting Cremes I see very little difference in color. To me they’re all interchangeable. I’d rather use Smashbox, Makeup For Ever’s HD Color Correctors or Bobbi Brown’s newest CC Correcting Cremes that have a bit more pigmentation and can actually Neutralize and Color Correct!! These offerings are politely,…a bit disappointing. Sorry.


•MAC Cosmetics | Pro Lip Palettes

1) Modern Browns
2) Select Plums
3) Editorial Oranges
4) Preferred Pinks
5) Editorial Reds

Ok, telling the truth…I was holding off on these palettes…why?…because I’ve created my own palettes over the years and have some really funky colors (blue, green, black, yellow, glitters, neons etc.)

But I have to say, these are really a MUST in your Pro Kit…there I said it!!! A MUST!

Really some of the chosen colors are pretty. The chosen ones are their most popular selling lip colors in one palette! Awesome! Running the gamut from moist glossy creams to authentic mattes. You start mixing and blending and rule breaking you will have a fabulous lip for print or film.

I also find the packaging great because its flat so it’s easy to carry about and the colors are in categories (like I have my personally made kits) i.e Reds, Pinks, Neutrals, Oranges and Plums…LOVE IT! Bravo MAC, bravo!

3 thumbs up for these dolls!


• MAC Dazzleglass “Sugarrimmed”

So they discontinued my FAVORITE Lipglass color “White” so instead I got this little number it’s a very sheer pink with tiny rainbow glitters in it similar to my former Lipglass.

Truthfully Lipglass’ old formula strangely used to make clients lips peel…LITERALLY!!! It was scary but I always managed to hide it on shoots by using a quick buff (with Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Creme Brûlée…LIFESAVER!!) to quickly hit those lips off while onset and start from scratch!

I used Dazzleglass yesterday and it was indeed a hit! I think it may be a keeper and staple in the kit, let’s see what happens today. In fact I used it so lovingly that honestly I’ve literally used up half the tube already!!

Overall these selections from MAC are pretty awesome. And some will definitely become a staple in my kit.

Paint On viZionaire, Paint On…
Best Wishes,


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