Boardwalk Empire…Period Makeup

Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc
As many of you know Boardwalk Empire is indeed a period piece set in the 1920’s-30’s and the makeup during that time had a specific look to it.

The makeup is not the fashion makeup that we’ve all fanticized about with a smokey wet black eye and pouty red now lips…here it’s all about the average lay person (gangsters included).

The period was about classes (upper, middle and lower) and truly makeup was limited at that time. There was no high fashion Kevyn Aucoin or Pat McGrath makeup. This makeup requires what happens in everyday life and life situations.

Here’s my makeup station for today at “BOARDWALK”…foundations , sponges, brushes, Soot Powder, Dirt Poufs and Grime Spray. The blood gels, liquid blood and blood pills are on the other side of the makeup room.

This is all the makeup Im using today to create a look of distress after an explosion. Not all Makeup looks are pretty or over the top glam. It’s good to know how to do all looks. And here tonight it’s about trauma and disaster!

20131014-142125.jpgThere was an explosion on set today (purposefully and professionally done by the help of NYFD) for a scene that had us blow up a few shops on the Boardwalk.

We (makeup teams) had to bloody and soot up the background talent today for that scene and, here are some of those looks we created.







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