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Written by NZINGHA for ZFACEINC,nyc

Ok, so this weekend I took a “live training session” with a Sync On Set representative, Greg was his name. The training session was held at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply on 29th Street and 8th Avenue here in NYC, one of my favorite one stop shop spots for Pro Artists supplies. I’m just going to say this now…,I LOVE THIS PROGRAM AND IT’S LONG OVERDUE!!!

Sync OnSet is a new software program and mobile app tailored to the needs of the Costume, Makeup & Hair Departments that mostly work on TV shows, Movies and I might say Broadway. With Sync OnSet, the whole staff can digitally manage script breakdowns, fitting notes, continuity photos, inventory, and much more.

It’s really an amazing program that can assist you in keeping absolutely everything in your department in order. For example when you upload the script (best in a PDF file) it automatically sets up the program making all the script brake downs by the scenes numbers, scene days, script days, characters names and pages.


All additional information you would go to the website and manually add your details to the breakdown. These are your notes to be shared interdepartmental, so everyone is on the same page about the details and frequent updates of your department. If you have to make changes, changes are easily done just by typing info in directly from your PC or Mobile Device and the two can be synced immediately.

Sync OnSet allows multiple users of your choice (because you can select who can view your departments notes from you selected crew members i.e, Director, Producer, UPM’s, Department Assistants) to collaborate in a new and exciting way and to share notes via mail or by messaging.

Sync OnSet’s mobile app gives the user the flexibility to take photos from your iPhone or iPad and take notes anywhere and instantly share them with the rest of the team! Example: the Department Head and Key may be on set in a location far from the trailer where you may have an Assistant stationed working on your continuity books, onset changes and updates can immediately be photographed detailed and synced upon set or emailed to your Assistants Mobile Device and instantly added!

As you can see in the picture above taken from my iPhone you can see how Sync On Set has a listing set up so when you click on each listing it will take you to that area of the program. You can tag photos from the Photo Gallery and email the look to whomever you’d like within your department or to the Director. This program is fast becoming the industry’s first “digital continuity bible”!

Ok, so here are further breakdowns of the software program listed below by department.

Costume: Easily manage your costume breakdown, track inventory and upload fitting and continuity photos.

Makeup: With Sync OnSet, you can upload continuity photos, face charts and detailed notes on the products used so everyone can see what’s going on as the action happens.

Hair: Your entire team can track looks with continuity photo galleries, and detailed maintenance, tool, and hair ornament notes.

Props: Add photos and track props from scene to scene or character to character all within one application.

“With our large costume team,
it allows us to collaborate and share
information seamlessly.”
– Joseph LaCorte & Virginia Patten

“This program is genius! It’s easy to
use, saves me hours and hours!

Boardwalk Empire, HBO

“This is long overdue!”
– Catharine “Fletch” Incaprera
Anchorman: The Legend Continues

“It is the wave of the
future for continuity and inter-
departmental communication”

– Kristin Burke
Insidious: Chapter 2

“Enables me to calmly present information to other departments… a huge asset!”
– Erika Lilienthal
Turn, AMC

“Gives me more time to focus on the important parts of my career & home life.”
– Pattie Hendersen
Reasonable Doubt

“Allows me to quickly breakdown
14 episodes in half the time!”

– Tamika Jackson
The Heart, She Holler,
Cartoon Network

There are more additions to be made to the software and to the mobile app but it’s all pretty easy once you get the jist of it and the software will have it’s updates made. Greg said they’re working on more details for the program but I tell you they’re off to a great start!!

To learn more and get started, please visit:


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    All the Pro Colleagues in attendance said the same thing…”Where’ve you been all my life?!” I highly recommend this program to all working Pro’s for your next big or small project. You can’t go wrong when you’re organized!

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