M.A.C Pro Event Night Featuring the Artistry of : Val Garland


M.A.C Pro Event Night Featuring the artistry of:
Val Garland
Written by NZINGHA

How do you get a room full of Professional Makeup Fashionistas all in one place?! By planning an event that even the Best of the Best won’t want to miss, serve a glass of Champagne, invite the “Who’s Who” of the Behind the scenes industry Makeup Elite, have “RESERVED” seating and feature the Stylized Eclectic Artistry of Makeup Influencer: VAL GARLAND….,thats how!! M.A.C Pro had really done it this time and pulled out all the stops for this nights event.

The event was held at one of New York’s famous photo studios in Chelsea, Milk Studios across the street from the now famous Chelsea Market. It’s a brisk evening but something “hot” is in the air! As I pulled up to the building that houses Milk Studios I see a well dressed, pressed and groomed group all dressed in NY Makeup Artists signature BLACK Fashion, I knew I was in the right place. I sauntered up the staircase in the foyer of the building with no abandon and walked right past all formalities with no questions asked. I AM MY CREDENTIALS! Makeup Royalty. I’m then lead to the second floor, Studio 2D.

As I exit the elevator I see more of the same highly styled Beauty Experts poured out into the hallway mingling about with glasses of Champagne and Sparking Water with a twist of Lemon. We were all breathlessly waiting for the nights event to commence. It was now 7pm and the doors now opened in NY fashion, allowing the “RESERVED” seaters to enter first. The studio is set up in all white with a white block platform and a long white runway with huge monitors on either side of the main stage. With a seating arrangement that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week would be proud of. In the rear of the room there are 15 white block pedestals.


I see both my Fashion Makeup friends as well as my Union Makeup friends…I feel right at home. As I take my marked “RESERVED” seat there is a sweet Black Patent Pouch on it with a cover sticker with what looks like abstract cover art worthy of a nod to Warhol that simply says Val in an unknown scripted font, that wreaks of style…Val Garland style! I’m in the third row seat 2 right behind the legendary Joey Mills and nestled in between Emmy winners Leslie Shreve and Barry Berger.


All seats are full and no room left , the only room left is for standing and trust me seated or standing it’s packed! Out from backstage comes a lean NY styling machine…one James Gager Creative Art Director of M.A.C Cosmetics about to introduce Val. Then confidently out comes Val to a thunderous applause…then in an instant..,silence as she introduces herself in that quipping Brit accent of hers with style, humility and humor she begins the demo.

Val’s multitasking skills are impressive as she walks us through Makeup tales. The room bursts out in a series of waves of a successful mixture laughter, ohh’s and ahh’s.

“Its a “pre” planning meeting for the world famous fashion designer Vivianne Westwood Fashion Show.” Val says, “I have a “tea” meeting with designer Vivianne and I ask Vivianne what her muse for the current show was. And Vivianne answered with one word…”HORSES!” The room bursts out in laughter. Mostly because if you know anything about Vivianne Westwood fashion…you’d better bring out the big guns of creativity almost bordering lunacy and eclectic style!
Val knows she’s got to find that same inspiration to match the muse for Vivianne’s latest Collection.

This particular makeup demo out of several that evening was a stunner imprinted in my mind, reminiscent of a Glittery Spotted Palomino Pony. The Makeup was not painted on …the models face was covered in what appeared to be a gel or balm…Val then dunks the Models face in a flat porcelain tray of Teal Blue Glitter….ta da!!!! Sheer Genius…Bravo Val…another unforgettable creation!






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