EXPANSION: Knowing when it’s time…


Mmmm…where do I begin this story…

It first started out with a prayer so simple that I’d even forgot about it!!

It was something about EXPANSION! I said it briefly out of my mouth this weekend.

So, this morning on my Facebook Newsfeed I’d received a post from a celebrity client of mine. The post had me jump off my seat…it was a photo of some card she had and the cards writing was all about expansion and where to expand!!!

Unbelievable to me…really. And that cards message is now the reason I decided after many reluctant years to start blogging… so now; you (whomever you are) all can hear my thoughts that may be of some kind of service to you to help you get to where you’re going Artistically, Mentally, Spiritually or simply Locally.

Maybe that’s all this journey called My Life has been about. Oh, and let me be clear here, I know every move I’ve ever made has been for a purpose some I’ve purposely calculated and others I just stumbled onto.

Whatever it was or is…the word today is about EXPANSION.

That means at some point there WAS restriction of sorts (you name your own restriction, I know what some of mine were), but now you know it’s time too move forward!!! Be of service.

Take it as a sign, I did.

Curl On…Paint On viZionaire,


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