The Mission Statement of The Glam Squad Files

20140413-084727.jpgThe Mission Statement of “The Glam Squad Files”…is to give YOU the Professional Makeup Artist an inside track “ALL ACCESS PASS” on Managing your biz from the Pro’s, How-To’s, Go-To’s, Places we go to SHOP TILL WE DROP and Artists Inspirational Thoughts, Ideas and Encouragement.

This blog is about the ARTISTS SPIRIT!!

What do I mean by the Artists Spirit? The things, people, situations, muses and things that drive us to create!

This is purely experimental for me to be as transparent as I’d think I’d like to be here and share, and explore new methods of doing what we do how we do.

I’d love feedback from you (Which means dialogue and conversation. Don’t have me just sitting here rambling off to myself…okay? Cause that’s not nice)


If you want mean spirited gossip and chaos this is not the spot for you!!! So with all that said were going to take this slow KEEP CALM AND WORK IT OUT…maybe this blog will answer some questions for you, maybe it will keep you inspired, maybe it will make you think, maybe it will make you angry and maybe it will cause you to explore all of your creative passions and options.

I dunno, but lets take this ride together. And in closing I will say to all the viZionaires out there…

Curl On….Paint On viZionaire!!!


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